UVC light kills microorganisms

No microorganism can resist UVC light! Natural radiation from the Sun contains UV-A (UVA), UV-B (UVB) and UV-C (UVC) light. A small portion of UVA and UVB radiation reaches the Earth’s surface. UVC light is completely absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, so microorganisms have not developed natural protection against UVC light.
UV-C fény a Napból

UVC germicidal irradiation is the latest, most effective and environmentally friendly method of disinfection that destroys the DNA/RNA structure of microorganisms in a clinically proven way. By modifying the DNA/RNA structure, microorganisms, viruses and bacteria lose their ability to replicate, thus inactivating and no longer being able to infect.

UVC light effect on DNA

The inactivating effect of UV-C light on microorganisms has been researched for decades and has been proven in hundreds of international clinical trials. This is supported by the statement of the National Center for Public Health, which says that “UV-C light has effective bactericidal, fungal and antiviral properties when used with adequate performance and exposure time.” Static UVC light has been used successfully for years for sterilization in many areas of economic life: wastewater and drinking water treatment, in the food industry, in the healthcare sector to disinfect hospital rooms, operating rooms, and laboratories.

The ViroFighter intelligent autonomous UV disinfection robot mobilizes UVC disinfection technology and makes it available for fast and efficient disinfection of any interior.

The ViroFighter robot’s built-in UVC germicidal lamps use 254 nm ozone-free UVC light. Compared to other disinfection alternatives, its use provides the fastest disinfection solution, its exposure time is very fast, inactivating all known viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, in seconds instead of hours. ViroFighter uses UVC light which is free of chemicals and ozone, its use can prevent the increase of soil and water pollution due to the increasing need for disinfection. By using ViroFighter and avoiding disinfection devices using ozone you can prevent the increase of ground-level ozone pollution which is a primary air pollution concern in cities. Further advantage of the ViroFighter autonomous UV disinfection robot is that rooms can be taken into use immediately after disinfection as there is no waiting time and no need for post-disinfection ventilation.


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